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Astral Projection Story # 1

I know that many people talk of feeling a vibration in their body prior to an astral projection experience but that sensation is not always present.  I’ve found that the vibration sensation preludes only those astral projections of short distances.  One such short distance astral projection destination is to the Akashic Records.  And in the astral projection story I’m telling, I did have the vibration sensation and then I passed through the vibrating barrier into the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Story

The Akashic Records are vast and I certainly can’t present a full picture of them here in this astral projection story.  Suffice it to say that the Akashic Records are usually what people see in their dreams.  On this particular astral projecting experience I wasn’t seeking for anything specific.  I simply emerged into a random dream in progress.  And again as I wasn’t looking for any particular person or event, the dream shifted randomly as I watched.

The best description for this astral projection story I can think of would be in your flipping through a magazine.  You glance at the glossy pictures and briefly read the headlines while you wait for something to jump out to grab your attention.  The Akashic Records could seem like a magazine but only one with moving holographic images and what would be written words in a magazine would be sounds, voices and emotions as the Akashic stories play out.

One Akashic story sequence then captured my imagination and I focused in on that thread.  A soul I know has been experiencing some family difficulties lately so I followed forward in time to see how that all turns out.  The resolution of the fairly trivial matter turned out to be a fairly boring story, as often a seemingly critical crisis does, but this Akashic visit held a pleasant surprise when I saw my future self interacting: I looked substantially younger than I appear today.  That astral projection experience gave me proof that my recent thoughts on the possibility of growing younger being fruitful.

I think this astral projection story of an astral visit to the Akashic records seems like it was ‘only a dream’ and I suppose it was but when you astral project yourself into a dream then a dream becomes even more real than reality is.  And of course the phrase ‘only a dream’ implies that a dream isn’t substantial when in fact, dreams impact directly on eternity while reality is ‘only just reality’.

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