How to Astral Project

Astral Projection is Easy

Human beings can ALL astrally project their consciousness.

Astral Projection

You CAN Go Astral Projecting Too

And contrary to what some people might tell you, astral projection does NOT require any special programs, physical positions, metaphysical jargon, ethereal creams, or snake oil lotions.  People can astrally project and astral projection is as easy as breathing is.  We all can astral travel and YOU can astral travel.

A Key to Astral Travel is Your Imagination

‘Aha!’ I can almost hear you saying. ‘Astral travel is all imagination’. No. Astral travel is real. You simply must understand that what you think of as your imagination is actually one of your astral body’s native senses. Imagine if you could immerse yourself completely into one of your most vivid dreams to the point that you could no longer feel your earthly body. Can you imagine yourself there and can you feel it? If you can then congratulations because you’ve just enjoyed an astral projection.

To Astral Project You Need to Believe You Can Astral Project

To have faith, you have to have faith: faith is that simple.  Astral Projecting is also that easy.  To astrally project your consciousness, you must know that you can astrally travel.  Gaining faith for the first time required you to push aside all the negative things you’ve though or heard about faith, and just have faith.  And for the first astral projecting experience you have, you want to forget your doubts and simply go on an astral adventure.

Astral Projection Assistance

Astral Projecting Help

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There are many aids to astral projection available. I will cover some of these in this website but the primary one is binaural recordings. I’ll stress here again that astral projection is easy and you don’t need anything but your mind, but an astral entrainment could assist you in ways that I will also cover more fully as I flesh out this astral projection site.

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